October 25, 2013

Flight Info

Accommodation offered is mostly about 6 – 8 kilometers from Schiphol Airport.

You can also arrive at:

Eindhoven Airport

This is a very small and efficient airport. It has a pendel bus that takes you to the Eindhoven Trainstation, there on to Schiphol, Amsterdam Airport, Train station. The pendal bus and train system in Holland is very efficient and punctual. Also very frequent. This flight will add about 2 hours onto the extra time for not arriving at Schiphol Airport.

Rotterdam Airport

From Rotterdam Airport you can take a Train to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. There is a train station near the Airport. This will add about max. 2 hours on to the travel time that you would have extra by not flying to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

Dusseldorf Airport

Theres a train station near Dusseldorf Airport, which will take you to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. This way will be about 2 1/2 hours extra travel time, if you do not fly direct to Schiphol, Amsterdam Airport.

Available flying companies 

Aer Lingus and British Airways fly to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

Ryan Air flies to Eindhoven

Easy Jet flies to Rotterdam

Air Berlin flies to Dusseldorf

There are many other fiight companies available. But these are mostly the cheapest ones. Of course there is a choice of coming by ferry Boat and taking your Own car. Fly Drive is also an option, but a bit expensive for 8 weeks, which is mostly the accounted time needed for the Training Course here in Holland. If you may be coming to Holland for a Flight training course.