October 25, 2013

Neighbourhood Info

The area of Aalsmeer is a very quiet and relaxing place. Apart from the facilities given on the website under Location, there are a few more tips and general handy information.

When arriving here, you will be shown around and explained where everything of need and use is. Like, where to buy a bus pass, hire a bike, where the shops, bus stops, restaurants etc. are.

If you come by car, all Accommodation locations have free parking facilities. There is a blue parking zone as well, which allows free parking with various time limits like, 1 – 2 hours at a time. You just need to put a blue parking clock on your dashboard when you park. This parking clock costs 2,- euros and can be bought at a local tobacco store or at a supermarket at the kiosk or a Book Store.

The bus stops for going to and from Aalsmeer to Schiphol, are about 5 – 7 minutes walk from any of the houses offering Accommodation. The bus journey prices are very cheap. There is a bus card which can be bought at a local shop. It is about 40% discount per trip if you use this Public Transport Travel Card. Its call OV-Chip Card. You can buy it at a Supermarket, or Book Store, or at Main Train Stations. It will cost you more if you pay on the bus if you do not purchase a card. But naturally you can pay per time too.

The local supermarkets are also a short walk away like 7 – 20 minutes. There are various take – away eating places like, general Snack Bars, Indonesian take away, Egyptian take away like the general kabab sort of food. About 6 different Italian style take – away food. 95% of these take -away places can also deliver the food to your door. Most people generally speak English so should be no problems with communication outside the Accommodation, where you may be staying at. All Accommodation people speak English. Most speak also, German and French too. TV channels enough in the English Language. Bus time tables are on the internet, and the website is: www.ov9292.nl. Or go to Google. Generally, one can be picked up from the Airport on arrival, and brought back to the Airport when departing again. Taxi services are easy to use too. Uber is also here in Holland. Hiring a bike in Holland is also a very easy way to travel. Seen as there are no hills, plus the Country really accommodates for bikes. There are very safe separate bike lanes in Holland for the cyclists. One can also buy a second hand bike here and re-sell it when leaving again. Train and bus stations have enough parking facilities for commuting. Holland has a two pin plug system. One needs to have an adapter for use of their Electrical devices. One can also buy a local mobile chip and use this while ringing in and around Holland on their stay.

Accommodation can be seen as A HOTEL EXCEPT MUCH CHEAPER,  with extras like, cook for yourself, keep your food and drinks in a refrigerator, wash and iron for yourself. or as a HOME AWAY FROM HOME