October 25, 2013

Terms & Conditions

The prices of the Accommodation ranges between 45 – 55 euros per day. ┬áIf you book for a month the monthly rate is cheaper. For one month or longer, the price is even cheaper again.

The conditions of payment are:

If you stay one night, payment upfront. If you stay one week, payment upfront. If you stay one month, payment upfront. If you stay for one month or longer, one months payment, plus a months payment, security money. If you give one months notice on time, you will receive the security money when you leave.

If your flight information is given on time, you will be picked up from Schiphol airport and brought to your accommodation, Free of Charge. Only if you stay one week or longer. For short term this is not always possible.

On your return back home, you will also be brought to the Airport again, if you give the flight information on time. There will be a receipt for your payments.